Product Features

Moisture Me Rich Shampoo 300ml –

  • Add intense moisture to hair for a soft, luxurious finish
  • Gentle on colour-treated hair
  • Grapefruit extract helps fight dandruff, bacteria, clogged hair follicles and dry scalp

Moisture Me Rich Conditioner 300ml –

  • Fibre Gloss Technology enriches and enhances to turn dull, dry hair into a soft, manageable style
  • Contains glycerin and apricot kernel oil that soften and moisturise the hair and scalp

Total Results Miracle 20 200ml – 

  • Leave-in nourishment
  • Shine boost
  • Prevents breakage and heat damage
  • Rich in plant oil extracts

How To Use

Moisture Me Rich Shampoo 300ml –

Wash your hair with warm water to open the cuticles. This helps remove dirt in the hair and spread the sebum and oils throughout the scalp. Take a quarter-sized amount of shampoo in your palm and mix it with water and apply throughout the scalp. If your hair is thicker or longer, double the proportion. Lather up from the roots to the ends. Wash your hair gently.

Moisture Me Rich Conditioner 300ml –

After Moisture Me Rich Shampoo, apply Total Results Moisture Me Rich Conditioner to wet hair. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.

Total Results Miracle 20 200ml – 

Spray the Miracle Creator 20 on towel-dried hair. Style and comb through as usual. Within a few shots of hairspray, your hair gets glossier. Spritz the product at the hairline, in sections by holding your head upside down. Toss the hair back after drying. Also, apply the spray to lower hair layers. This will give more volume when your wear the hair open.

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Total Results Moisture Me Rich Gift Pack – includes full sized Miracle 20 Treatment!

Hydrate, brittle and dry hair

Moisture Me Rich Shampoo 300ml –

Replenish moisture in dry, frizzy hair with Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Shampoo. The hair care formula helps replenish and cleanse each layer to make the tresses soft and radiant. The Moisture Me Rich Shampoo is available in 300ml and 1 Litre bottles. Cleanse your hair locks to reveal healthy, soft hair strands, which are primed for styling with moisture boosting shampoo from Matrix.

Moisture Me Rich Conditioner 300ml –

Matrix Total Results Moisture Me Rich Conditioner is a perfect hair care solution for dry and damaged hair. This hair care conditioner will leave the hair with up to four times more nourishment than usual. The lightweight conditioning action restores moisture, leaving hair soft, replenished and radiant. Its nourishing formula focuses on increasing moisture levels and hydration in dry and dull hair. It lightly penetrates the layers of hair to add conditioning.

Total Results Miracle 20 200ml – 

Matrix Miracle Creator 20 is a must-have hair spray to tackle hair care woes at once! A multi-tasker treatment formula, the Miracle Creator Spray comes with 20 beautifying benefits. A versatile styling spray, the Miracle Creator 20 nourishes the hair locks and boosts the shine. The softening spray smoothens the hair cuticles and prevents hair breakage. The heat protecting spray prevent possible hair breakage from hot styling tools and adds immense moisture to the hair.


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