None of our products are tested on animals? Yup none of them, this is super important to us as parents to two doggies we really care for animals and testing on animals should never be a thing!

We also have a massive vegan range and  gluten free range, we dont use any sulfates or parabens everything we use replaces these harsh chemicals with naturally derived ingredients insuring your hair is being packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients ✨

Our colour tubes are completely recyclable and made of recycled materials.

We pride ourselves in stocking @elevenaustraliacolour_ireland @elevenaustralia_ireland @k18hair_ireland

Students Can Enjoy 10% OFF All Services. 
We proudly stock Eleven Australia colour and wet line only, Eleven Australia is vegan 🌱 gluten-free 🌾 naturally derived ingredients, sulfate free and paraben free and completely recyclable.

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